Mandela Effect EXPOSED at last! What it is, who’s behind, why, etc!

The Mandela Effect exposed, as Edward Alexander reveals it’s origins, who are behind it, for what purpose, why we experience it, and connects the dots that includes CERN, Time Travel, Teleportation, Reality Changes, Aliens, Spirit Entities, Occultism in Science, Secret Governmental Projects, Remote Viewing, Black Magick and how Nelson Mandela himself was involved.

This goes very deep but I have managed to figure it all out, and explain it all in my new book that I will give you here access to for FREE!

I am lucky enough to have an extensive background with a lot of experience and involvement in many things that directly relates to most of it, which is why and how I was able to solve it, along with extensive research and investigation of the suspected culprits and their connections to other groups and organizations as all explained in my book.

“Mandela Effect – CERN Reality Changes, Time Travel, Parallel Worlds & Black Magick”: Free download –


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